professional Hacking Services

We provide variety of hacking services, such as social media account hacks, mobile phones / PC hacking, email accounts hacking or anything else customer may want.

Facebook Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Recovering your lost/stolen account, or hacking other FB accounts.

WhatsApp Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Spying someones messages anonymously / hacking accounts.

Instagram Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Recovering your lost/stolen account, or hacking other Instagram accounts.

Email Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Recovering access to your lost/stolen account, or hacking other E-mail accounts.

Snapchat Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Recovering your lost/stolen account, or hacking other Snapchat accounts.

Twitter Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Recovering your lost/stolen account, or hacking other Twitter accounts.

YouTube Hacking

Price: $250 USD
Recovering access into your lost/stolen account, or hacking other YouTube  channels password.

Cellphone Spying

Price: $400 USD
- Monitoring all apps activity on a phone anonymously (messaging apps, social media, SMS, iMessage & others)
- Listening to calls
- Location tracking
- Access to data storage (notes, photos & videos, downloads)

Special Requests

Price: Depends on type of request.
Need anything else, such as phone/PC hacking, mining crypto currencies, deleting your bank debt. Just contact us and explain your request.

Our customers testimonials

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We'll make sure to fulfill any of your requests.


They helped me to prove that my boyfriend (now ex) was cheating on me for months, which he was cleverly hiding by deleting all the messages. However these skilled hackers managed to dig out those deleted messages back and I had proof to finally throw it to his face. Thank you.



  My life changed on better finally after I hired Awaken team to help me get rid of my high student loan. It was making me so depressive with dark thoughts in my head all the time. After I heard about this hacking team on some deep web forum. Looks like it turned out to be one of best decisions of my life.  


  I was locked out of my Instagram account with no access to my email ID too which I used to register my profile. I don't know how they did it, but guys from Awaken team managed to get back my Instagram. I'm so thankful and recommend them to everyone with same problem. 


  This team helped me to hack into my old e-mail ID from my work, which I lost access to because my PC system crashed. Warmly recommending them!  


  Someone hacked my FB account and use it to spam everyone with some ads. I hired these hackers and it only took them one day to get me back my profile.  


  I've heard about these guys can help you with a trick to mine 10x more Bitcoin then average person knows, I decided to give them a try and now I'm making more money then ever!  

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much your services cost?

We have a fixed price of 250 USD per one account hack. (such as social media / email etc.) The price for other types of more complex services varies depending on request.

How can I pay?

We accept Bitcoin as a payment method only. If you have never used Bitcoin before, we made a detailed tutorial how to buy Bitcoin. It's very easy.

Why don't you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately we can't accept PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, credit card, etc. payments because hacking is not legal. And since people often request services to hack someone's else accounts we are risking to get ourselves caught for breaking the law.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin is the only way it can guarantee us safety since it leaves no personal information exposed, both for buyer (you) and seller (us).

How can I trust you?

Our reviews speak for ourselves. We helped thousands of people worldwide with their problems. Also after we start to work on your request, we'll stay online with you and update you every 30 mins about the hacking progress until it's fully done.

Can you really hack any account?

The popular hackers quote: "Nothing on internet is 100% safe." So, in case your target is connected to the internet, there is always a loophole to reach to it. Our average success rate is about 98%, which is pretty high. And in case we fail to deliver your request, we'll refund back the full transaction you paid.

What's the wait time to deliver the hack?

Social media and email accounts hacks usually takes from 2 to 8 hours to deliver. It can take longer only if a target hasn't been online in their accounts/devices in this time. For other more complex hacking requests, delivery time is depending on how demanding the task is.

Can I pay after you hack an account?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The hacking technique requires time, knowledge and skills, and we are working hard to satisfy every customer. To start an order, customer is required to send payment first, like with anything else you are buying from the internet.

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Before contacting us, you understand that:

1.) Our services are not free.
2.) We accept Bitcoin as a payment method only.
(Please read How to Buy Bitcoin in case you don't know)
3.) You have read all the Frequently Asked Questions above.


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